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UNIT A | Absolute Essentials

CHAPTER A01 - All That Makes It Possible

CHAPTER A02 - The Participants And Their Roles

CHAPTER A03 - Understand the Mechanics

CHAPTER A04 - Trade the facts: consider price action

UNIT B | Analytical Tools

CHAPTER B01 - Technical Analysis

CHAPTER B02 - Fundamental Analysis

CHAPTER B03 - Chart Analysis

CHAPTER B04 - Japanese Candlesticks

UNIT C | System Modeling

CHAPTER C01 - How to Develop a System

CHAPTER C02 - Performance Metrics

CHAPTER C03 - Money Management

CHAPTER C04 - Trading Set-Ups

UNIT D | Sum Up and Go

CHAPTER D01 - The Trader's Profile

CHAPTER D02 - Combining Edges

CHAPTER D03 - Plan Your Trading

CHAPTER D04 - Trade Your Plan