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Many people are getting into investing for the first time with the Forex market and are basically starting from scratch. Others already collected some experience in financial markets but still look to consolidate their performance.

Can one become FX-savvy with the help of virtual demo accounts, online courses, books and articles, and mentoring services? The answer is definitely yes.

If you are either new to trading or have already acquired some experience, you are not left in the dark when it comes to learning and enhancing your knowledge; there are a variety of free learning tools and resources available to light your way.


It is not a trading manual

But if you are reading this, maybe it's because your prior learning experiences didn't fulfill your needs. That does not necessarily mean you pick the wrong tools or sources, it's probably just a question of method and approach you used to apply that new knowledge.

With so much to choose from, the question you're most likely to ask is: "Ok, but where do I start?" And moreover: "Which book shall I read first, which mentoring service shall I adhere to, which source of information is reliable?"

Here is where the's Learning Center contributes to your education: first, by covering the preliminary steps you need to find your footing in the FX market.

nor a mentoring service

Our aim is not to provide you with a trading manual, nor are we going to seat at your side along the all way. You can get manuals on trading all over the place, some of excellent value and you will find several options of mentoring services among our regular experts and contributors.

There is a huge amount of resources on our website, made up of articles, blog entries, recorded webinars and transcripts from all the experts who collaborate with us. The Learning Center (LC) processes a good part of that expertize into an organized and yet flexible educational path.

Second, the LC contributes to your education by addressing several other questions you surely want someone to answer, like: "How do I organize my education and my training?" It's probable that you are already loaded with lots of knowledge - on technical analysis, economical indicators, strategies, an so on - but your trading maybe still lacks the consistency you desire.

it's you learning how to manage knowledge

The's Learning Center is designed to guide you through the learning phases every trader has to cross. No matter what trader profile you develop, what tools you will be using, the very first phase you have to master is the so-called "mechanical" phase.

This phase is probably the hardest one in terms of routine, experimental work and objective testing of your results. Here you will find a good part of the knowledge otherwise classified in the resources section, exemplified and interrelated in many case studies.

Once you have learned how to develop and test a trading model, the next phase in your learning path is a more subjective one. Here you will be able to integrate those edges you have identified along the way depending on your trader's profile.

Besides, the Learning Center makes use of state-of-the-art e-learning tools, allowing you to objectively valuate how well the new knowledge is integrated. Each Unit has a separate quiz, with dozens of questions and real examples, specially thought as a practice ground you can apply the acquired theory.

and how to manage yourself.

The LC is made of 4 units, each one geared with valuable content structured in several chapters. Each chapter covers different subjects ranging from basic to advanced levels. There is really no beginners or advanced parts, each one can be taken as an independent learning unit. But all of them point to a common goal - to help you set up a personal and unique trading plan.

The best investment is a sound and practical education and experience. This is the aim of 's Learning Center.

Leverage your knowledge by learning how to integrate the analysis, the money management and your profile into a personal trading plan.