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The entrance door of's educational program.


What can you expect from the Learning Center? Read what it is not and the philosophy behind this new learning experience.


See at a glance the structure and all the contents of the Learning Center.


A quick look at the LC open contents and how to navigate them.



Lightening your way through the free contents you will find a series of icons. Herewith follows a brief description of each one of them:


A useful list of the main topics which will be covered in the chapter so you can see at a glance its contents. When placed at the end of a chapter, this icon is used to summarize what you have learned.

This is an Edge!

Here you are being taught that a particular aspect represents a quantitative or qualitative advantage which can present odds in your favor. You can choose among dozens of edges transmitted along the 4 Units to build your own trading models.


This icon will tell you that the content you are viewing is related to mental work. Don't jump to the next chapter before adhering to what it says. You will find psychological guidelines from the very first chapters, so that when you complete all the units, you are in the best mental shape to face your new activity: to trade like a professional.


This icon refers to the hidden perils of FX trading: frequent misunderstandings or false established ideas are questioned herewith.

Facts & Curiosities

Become an expert also means to know about most of the Forex facts and curiosities: Forex jargon, hidden data and who is who, are just some of the covered items.


Here you will find many of the frequent asked questions already answered in between the contents. Questions you would otherwise find in the live session transcripts or expert blogs appear here related to the current subject.


In-house sources, additional ideas on how to apply a certain instrument or extended information on the content will be given.

Links and sources

Links to internal and external contents are provided so that you can keep learning and building your expertize on a particular subject. The Learning Center is your map, but you are the true explorer of the knowledge.

Video Resources

More often than not audiovisual contents present things in a clearer and more entertaining way for the students than plain texts. We include short videos specially realized for the Learning Center to illustrate or explain concepts. Under that icon, you will also find recordings of webinars held at as well as videos of external contributors.

Audio Resources

Some chapters contain audio contents and podcasts made by Forex experts who discuss and throw light on a topic we are covering.


When you see that icon, it means we recommend you to subscribe to one of our RSS. Using RSS (which stands for Really Simple Syndication), you can get a warning every time we publish new content.


With so much information and new concepts, you will certainly feel the need to share and ask questions to your fellow traders. You can do so in the special forum we have opened for the Learning Center's students.


The contents if you prefer to read the chapters offline.