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WELCOME's educational program

The LC is made of 4 units, each one geared with valuable content structured in several chapters. Each chapter covers different subjects ranging from basic to advanced levels. There is really no beginners or advanced parts, each one can be taken as an independent learning unit. But all of them point to a common goal - to help you set up a personal and unique trading plan. The LC is a coherent educational program which also offers a new way to make the most of all the resources that provides to Forex traders.


About the author of the LC Gonçalo Moreira

Recommended by the Best FX Educators

Andrei Knight - Sr. Currency Strategist at

Andrei Knight

If BabyPips is pre-school then's Learning Center is your university education, and I cannot stress how important education is to trading success. We often skip or rush this step in our rush to profits, and we pay dearly for it. Kudos to FXStreet for providing such excellent information - and for free!


Ed Ponsi - President of FXEducator LLC

Ed Ponsi has done a wonderful job putting together the Learning Center, a great way for traders to learn how to set up their own unique trading plan. This is a good way for traders to explore analytical tools, system modeling, and other important areas to help form a well-rounded trader.


James Chen - CTA, CMT, Chief Technical Strategist at FX Solutions

James Chen

With its new Learning Center, has once again proven that it is the leader in providing the highest quality Forex information and education available. This new educational section provides a solid grounding in the essentials and strategies of Forex trading that allows each individual trader to develop a specifically-tailored trading plan. The end result is that each Forex trader that puts in the time to learn and truly absorb the educational offerings provided by's Learning Center should walk away with the technical skills, the confidence, and the trading plan to tackle the Forex market in an intelligent and well-prepared manner.


Unit A Unit B Unit C Unit D
4 chapters of Theory: FREE
Start now!
4 chapters of Theory: FREE
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4 chapters of Theory: FREE
Start now!
4 chapters of Theory: FREE
Start now!
Practice*: 75 €Enter now! Practice*: 75 €Enter now! Practice*: 75 €Enter now! Practice*: 75 €Enter now!
Bundle Practice Package**: 250 €  
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* The time limit validity for the one Practice is 3 months after the purchase.
** The time limit validity for the entire course is 1 year after the purchase.

What is the Practice Program?

Besides the content of every unit that you can access for free on this website, you can continue and complete your education through:

  • 1. A new set of extra contents related to the Unit's topic
  • 2. A Self Assessment module
    • Voluntary (but recommended) test. It consists in an online test, made of several types of questions (multi-choice, yes/no, multi-area, fill the blank, etc.). This automatic test aims to review the studied concepts and prepare the student for the Unit Exam. The qualification it generates is for orientation purposes only.
    • This module has no limit of trials and the student can review the answers and explanations at the end of each trial.
    • The question bank for each unit contains around 250 questions, and the entire pool over 1000 questions.
  • 3. A Unit Exam
    • Mandatory online test which aims at checking the student's correct understanding of the concepts explained in the corresponding learning unit.
    • The student has three trials to reach the required minimum passing score.
  • 4. A Practice Test
    • Practical exercise the student has to execute in order to assess the correct application of the acquired knowledge.
  • 5. Tutorial
    • A tutor will guide the students through the learning process. Weekly live tutorials serve as a means for interaction with the mentor and fellow students.
learning center learning center


The LC certificate is a non-official qualification delivered by which confirms that the candidate possesses the professional knowledge, understanding and skills to pursue a career in the foreign currency world.